Get Started

Getting started on the GodChain
  • Purchase your first NFT coin or fractal experience
  • Capture FREE NFT's promoted for limited time
  • Mint your NFT and generate GodKey
  • Hold your key or promote on social media or tell your friends to use your key for when they purchase their first NFT
  • You will then generate commission in cash with options to convert to crypto currencies in major platforms like PayPal and Venmo
  • Build your GodChain™ portfolio and build your wealth in PayPal or Venmo accounts or even your own bank
  • Get offers and chances to get debit and credit cards for daily use to use your wealth or build credit
  • Geo located coins will appear in different cities, states and countries and will be based off market demand. There will be QR codes posted physically and digitally in these locations
  • Dive into a 3D VR/AR experience and capture more GodKeys and learn about 5D ascension
  • Market your NFT with our digital hologram!